A privacy fence is a great investment to make for your home. At Pick-It Fence Company, a fence contractor in Palm Beach, Fl, we often get asked about privacy fencing and if it is a viable option for my home. We believe that having a privacy fence will make your outdoor space more peaceful and secluded. It’s aesthetically pleasing to the eye and offers the privacy you need for your home. Before jumping into why you should install a privacy fence we should first take a look at what exactly a privacy fence is. Here are 6 reasons why you should install a privacy fence for your home. 

What is a privacy fence?

A privacy fence is simply a tall fence that has minimal gaps between the slates. It blocks the view of your yard from any outside influences. Many homeowners would opt for a privacy fence to feel more comfortable in their yard without having to worry about being in direct view of neighbors or anyone passing by. They come with a wide variety of materials to choose from vinyl and wood to concrete and bricks. 

6 Reasons Why You Should Install A Privacy Fence For Your Home

Protect Your Pets

Tired of your pet hopping over the fence or getting out? A privacy fence is typically around 6-8 feet tall, so you don’t have to worry about your furry friends making the jump. You can rest easy knowing that your pet isn’t wandering around the road. They also act as great mufflers for dog barking, so you don’t have to worry about your furry friend waking up the entire neighborhood.

Great Sound Barrier

Another great thing about a privacy fence is that they are a great sound barrier. Although it doesn’t block out all of the sound, it does a good job muffling out common noises that could be distracting from traffic or your neighbor using the lawn mower. If you are looking into privacy fencing for blocking out noise, we recommend that you opt for either vinyl, wood, or concrete stones as the material.

Safety & Security 

Installing a privacy fence adds an extra layer of security to your home. They typically stand at around 6-8 feet tall and could sometimes go higher. The presence of a tall fence can help deter petty theft and make it harder for people to enter your yard. Without it, your home is vulnerable to visits from strangers and animals. It also blocks out the view of any wandering eyes from looking into your yard. Privacy fencing also acts as a barrier for high winds that could damage your plants and gardens. 

Marking property

Property line disputes between neighbors can be annoying and can cause unnecessary conflict. Installing a privacy fence can establish those boundaries for both your property and your neighbor’s property. You no longer have to worry about someone cutting their lawn too close to your property or arguing about that tree that wants to establish itself on the border. If you’re not sure about your property borders, we recommend that you visit your county recorder’s office or speak to a surveyor. 

Financial benefits

This next reason why you should install a privacy fence will probably come to a surprise. What if I told you a privacy fence can save you some money! That’s right! You can lower your insurance rates by simply installing a privacy fence. Not only that, the fence can also increase your home value and appeal to buyers. The curb appeal of a privacy fence will definitely attract realtors and buyers alike.


Adding a privacy fence is a great way to enhance the overall appearance of your home. Privacy fencing adds a modern touch that looks clean and crisp while providing the protection you need. It adds dimension to your yard and creates a stimulating environment that feels more like an outdoor living area than an ordinary backyard. Throw in some plants, outdoor furniture, a grill, or maybe even a pool and you have yourself a perfect outdoor experience. 

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