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Expert PVC-Vinyl Fence Installation in Palm Beach, Florida

Pick-it Fence Co. Inc has been successful  with PVC fence installation since 1990. After many successful PVC fence projects, our company’s reputation along with a caring professional attitude has made us a leader in the fence industry of Palm Beach County.

 We have completed numerous PVC fence projects & provide the highest quality service, products, and installations. Our attention to detail and workmanship is evident from our on-going and growing customer list. Pick-it Fence Co. Inc. prides itself on service and dependability.


Elegant and Long-Lasting Fencing

PVC Fencing is synonymous with lasting good looks. PVC fencing is a great alternative for both commercial and residential properties. Due to its almost complete resistance to the element. It is an excellent alternative for all your fencing needs.

PVC Picket Fencing & Ornamental PVC Fencing

PVC Fencing will maintain it’s new-like appearance for years to come.


PVC fencing is also used by homeowners throughout Palm Beach County who simply want a maintenance-free fence. 

Below you can see a few samples of PVC fencing. PVC fencing are available in all sizes and styles. Since there are so many variations of PVC fencing available please contact us for ideas of PVC fencing that would be suitable to your property.

Get the best PVC-Vinyl fence installation in Palm Beach County!

PVC-Vinyl Fence

Get The Best Fence For Your Home

Since we are successfully and progressively evolving, our company is also upgrading and creating new innovative products that will be functional and affordable for your needs.

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