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Expert Wood Fence Repair in Palm Beach County, Florida

Wood fencing brings a classic look to your home that is aesthetically pleasing and durable to the elements. However, wear and tear and damaging can occur overtime and could result in much needed repairs. Pick-It Fence Co. Inc. has been successful with wood fence repairs for over 30 years. Our team of professionals take great pride and care into their work and doing so has made us a leader in the fencing industry of Palm Beach County. We have completed numerous wood fence projects and provide the highest quality of service, products, installations, and repairs. Our attention to detail and workmanship is evident from our on-going and growing customer list. Pick-It Fence Co. Inc. prides itself on service and dependability. 


Ready to do any repairs for your home’s needs

Whether your wood fence gets damaged by accident or over the years, our team of professionals are here to help you with your wood fencing needs. We have all of the resources necessary to get your repair job done right. No matter what type of wood or what purpose it serves, our team can tackle any challenge that comes in their way.

Signs of a needed wood fence repair

Wood fencing can be long lasting and highly durable with proper maintainence and care. It’s good to keep an eye out for any signs of damaging or signs of a much needed repair or replacement. Some common signs of this would include cracks and splinters on the wood, rotting boards, unstable posts (look for warps and bends), or chipping and peeling on the paint and stain. If your wood fence shows any sign of this, reach out to a professional to have a look and proceed with the best course of action.

Come get your wood fence repaired in Palm Beach County!

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Create A Soothing Environment

Certification and licensing play an important part in the construction industry. As a customer, you want to use a licensed contractor so you can have peace of mind and quality installation.

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