Wood Fence Installation In Manalapan, FL

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Expert Wood Fence Installation in Manalapan, Florida

Pick-it Fence Co. Inc has been successful with wood fence installation since 1990. After many successful wood fence projects, our company’s reputation along with a caring professional attitude has made us a leader in the fence industry of Manalapan, FL.

 We have completed numerous wood fence projects & provide the highest quality service, products, and installations. Our attention to detail and workmanship is evident from our on-going and growing customer list. Pick-it Fence Co. Inc. prides itself on service and dependability.


A Sustainable Solution For Your Home’s Needs

A natural solution for a superior product. At Pick-it-Fence, we offer the highest quality lumber for our wood fencing which will not only be attractive but also be resistant to rot and decay.

The Long-Lasting Fence: Types of Wood Fences We Install

At Pick It Fence Company in Manalapan, FL, we take pride in the variety and quality of wood fences we install. From traditional split-rail and picket fences to more intricate lattice and shadowbox designs, we offer a wide range of options to suit every preference and need. Our custom-built wood fences are crafted on-site, allowing us to accommodate any terrain and design requirement. Whether you envision a classic post-and-rail fence or a modern horizontal plank design, our skilled team can bring your vision to life. With our commitment to craftsmanship and attention to detail, the possibilities for enhancing your property with a beautiful wood fence are truly limitless.

Split-Rail Fence

Split-Rail Fences

This ranch-style fence evokes imagery reminiscent of those found on farms from two centuries ago. The term "split-rail" originates from the practice of splitting logs lengthwise into either two or four long pieces. In this particular design, individual posts spaced several feet apart are connected by just one, two, or three rails.

Picket Fence

Picket Fences

The iconic picket fence is ingrained in our memories through the portrayal of 1950s suburban ideal homes. Typically shorter than privacy fences, ranging around three to four feet in height, they exude a charming allure. Picket fences strike a balance, providing a friendly atmosphere while effectively confining pets within the property.

Lattice Fence

Lattice Fences

The intricate criss-cross design of a lattice fence achieves a delicate equilibrium between aesthetic appeal and privacy. It's worth noting that lattice fencing typically features thinner construction compared to other post and rail styles, rendering it perfect for encircling vegetable gardens or serving as an embellishment atop a sturdier fence design.

Shadowbox Fences

Board-on-Board Fences

Exploring other wood fence options, we enter the realm of privacy with the board-on-board style. Renowned for tight construction, it features overlapping pickets creating a visually appealing patchwork effect. Ideal for front yards, it impresses both inside and out.

Shadowbox Fences

Shadowbox Fences

Similar to the board-on-board style, shadow box wood fences feature slight gaps between alternating pickets. They provide full privacy when viewed head-on but offer some visibility from angles. This style strikes a balance, acting as both a wooden barrier and allowing enough light for planting shrubs along the perimeter.

Louvered Fence

Louvered Fences

Enhance your lawn subtly with a louvered fence, offering a modern touch. Its angled vertical or horizontal pickets allow light and air while ensuring privacy. Given its complexity, hiring a specialist experienced in its construction is recommended over a DIY approach.

Side-by-Side Fence

Side-by-Side Fences

Opt for simplicity with a side-by-side privacy fence, where pickets are placed tightly together without overlap or angling. Also called a stockade fence, it's a straightforward option for privacy without the expense of intricate installation.

Horizontal Plank Fence

Horizontal Plank Fences

A horizontal plank fence features planks running sideways instead of upright. It can serve as a privacy or non-privacy fence, with options for varying gap sizes between planks. Tighter gaps enhance privacy. Plus, the use of higher-grade lumber makes it sturdier than vertical alternatives.

Post-and-Rail Fences

Post-and-Rail Fences

A post-and-rail fence features horizontal rails between posts, perfect for delineating boundaries or corralling livestock. While lacking in privacy, its simple, rustic design adds charm to rural settings. If you desire a rustic aesthetic without privacy concerns, it's an ideal decorative choi

A Natural Fence To Protect Your Property

We can help you choose from many styles of fencing:

 Picket Wood Fence, Dog Ear, Shadow Box, Vertical Shadow Box, Board On Board, Custom Picket, Corral Fence and Stockade Wood Fence. Wood frame or metal frame gates, self-closing if desired.

Get the best wood fence installation in Manalapan, Florida!

Create A Soothing Environment

Certification and licensing play an important part in the construction industry. As a customer, you want to use a licensed contractor so you can have peace of mind and quality installation.

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